Purely Protected Leathers

Purely Protected Leathers

Luxury and performance are a must.

Introducing a new and innovative leather category called Purely Protected®. The technology found in Purely Protected® leathers reduces the scratching, fading, staining and color variation found in aniline leathers.

This collection takes on the aesthetics of highly sought after aniline, wax or oil leathers, with durability similar to our protected or pigmented leathers.

Purely Protected® leathers are perfect for the home, hotels, office and restaurant use. No matter the application, you don't have to sacrifice soft and luxurious leather for the sake of performance.

The Purely Protected® leathers currently available on our website are are Run Wyld, Cheyenne, Gaucholin, Ever-Last, Untouchable and Myriad.

Life happens on leather which is why you can have the peace of mind to know your furniture is Purely Protected®. Contact us today to learn more!

Purely Protected Leathers

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